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Meysio's KLF Pepper SAUCE

A unique blend of Southeast Asian spices, savory thopezay paste and bold flavors to pair with every meat dish.


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Homemade Recipe

Enjoy the rich and bold flavor of an original family-recipe, from our table to yours

All-Natural Ingredients

Thopezay Bean Paste

Fermented soy bean paste, salt, and all natural flavors

Thai Chili Peppers

A delicious and fiery pepper set to ignite your taste buds

Family-recipe Blend

Fire-roasted tomatoes and garlic, smothered spices plus a hint of cilantro

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Our Story

Born and raised in Sacramento, CA. One of the earliest dishes I fell in love with was Kliang fen and remembering that delicious fermented bean paste called thopezay.

After moving to Alaska, I began creating my own sauce to share with family and friends. Everyone has their own recipe but mine leans more towards the thopezay taste, super rich and flavorful. Give it a try, you'll love it. Thank you!

Meysio Saechao 

A Sauce For Every Meat Dish

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Because Every Meal Needs a Little Kick

Dining in? Dining out? Perfect, splash Meysio's KLF Pepper Sauce and treat yourself to a tastier meal.