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Grandma Yien Choy's Thopezay

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What is Thopezay?

“Tasty, savory, and addictively good.”

Thopezay is a staple ingredient in Mien cuisine and a large part of the Iu-Mien culture. While popular in many Mien dishes, it is rapidly gaining acceptance and wide-usage in Laos, Hmong, and other Asian cuisine. You can find Thopezay in popular hot noodle dishes like Kasoy/Khao Soi and stiry frys, but also in cold dishes like Kliang Fenv or for dipping with veggies.

Today, Thopezay has been made world-famous by Grandma Yien Choy from Portland, Oregon and shipped worldwide by Mien Market.

Our Story

Grandma Yien Choy learned to make Thopezay high in the mountains of Asia - the only place where you would find Thopezay. Grandma Yien Choy along with many other Mien families immigrated to the US in the late 1970s. This is also the first time Thopezay was brought to America.

My grandma's Thopezay was loved and sought after by many in the community. I worked alongside her for many years learning to perfect her recipe and master her special technique. There is no other fermented soybeans in the world like Grandma Yien Choy’s. The same love she bestowed upon others is the same love that makes up the rich flavors of her Thopezay. I am honored to share my grandma’s Thopezay with the world and carry on her legacy.

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In Loving Memory to:
Grandma Yien Choy

Thank you Grandma for all that you did and what you continue to do. Your legacy will forever live on in our hearts and our memories. The world will forever appreciate your dedication to the craft and mastery for all things Thopezay.

Steven Tzeo, Grandson
Founder Mien Market

Savory & delicious

It's the kind of ingredient that you can smell from afar, but forget, the moment you take a bite. From the first taste to the last, you'll be wishing there was more.

Pungent & spicy

Not always spicy but definitely pungent, and has a bit of a kick to get your dish to taste a whole lot better.

Works on anything

From hot noodle dishes like Kasoy/Khao Soi to cold dishes like Kliang fenv and for veggie dips. Use it often, use it a lot, and be sure to order more.