Mien Talk, Episode 1

We just went live last night!

Hosted by co-founders Michael Saelee & Kidd Thungc (Saetern).

We're broadcasting Facebook LIVE each week on Wednesdays at 7:00pm.

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Show Topics:

What is Ba-Ong? (Ong = Grandpa)
- About us & the company
- Why we created BAONG
- Our goals and plans

For businesses and owners
- How to create loyal customers & be memorable
- How to become #1 choice for your customers
- How to start a business & what not to do
- How to get 5 star Yelp reviews
- How to Flip negative reviews into positive

For Professionals
- How to acquire skills & shortcuts to success
- How to get the experience you need, to get your dream job
- How to stand out and get a promotion

Catch the #Replay here:


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BAONG™ on a mission to elevate Iu-Mien communities through entrepreneurship.

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I didn’t watch full video, but I admire what you guys are doing. Keep up the good work, it’s like opening door for our Iumien community and Iumien nation world wide. Hopefully as it gets further you guys will have dubbed version in Mien English and Thai. That way you guys can reach out to Iumien people old and young world wide

Kc Fong December 10, 2019

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