Iu Mien Community Services Event

Yesterday we had the privilege of being invited as a vendor at the Iu Mien Community Services Senior Day. It was a fun-filled family event! I even brought my family out and they had a great time meeting other children.

(New Spring 2020 Iu Mien Clothing featuring Elevate & Legacy collection)

 Needless to say, it was a packed event with many within the community dressing up in traditional Mien clothing. Reminded me of back home and local events. We hope to contribute and help continue doing this for many generations to come.

What's more, Kidd and I were invited to the stage to share a little about BAONG. Although we've been doing online talk shows, it was different experience in-person! A little nerve-wracking, but we pulled through! (phew)

(BAONG Co-founders Kidd Saetern (left) & Michael Saelee (right) wearing BAONG Embroidered Polo T-Shirt)

The Young Butterflies team performed too, fashioning our popular Tribal Leggings. (Great job girls!) Here's a clip of a performance from the Holiday Villa in January 2020:

Wonderful event and we plan to be involved in more throughout 2020.

Next event: SIMA Mien Festival (cancelled due to COVID19)

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Thank you Michael and Kidd for coming out and supporting IMCS’ Senior New Year event with your presence and donations!!

Susan Saechao March 10, 2021

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