Mien Talk, Episode 5 - Published Author, David Saechao

This interview is with David Saechao, published Author of "From Mountains to Skyscrapers: The Journey of the Iu Mien"

As well as Author of children's Iu-Mien book: The Legend of the Dog Warrior and sequel, King Pan and the Golden Dragon.

David works in the educational field as a instructor and mentor at the Glenn County Office of Education in Redding, CA. His storybook beautifully illustrates the origins of Mien people and a myth that has been passed down for generations. For the first-time, a storybook unfolds to revitalize our most sacred Iu Mien history.

Support David's works

► From Mountains to Skyscrapers: The Journey of the Iu Mien: https://www.amazon.com/Mountains-Skyscrapers-Journey-Iu-Mien-ebook/dp/B07VKD81JP

► The Legend of the Dog Warrior, a Children's Iu-Mien book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01BOAP9C8/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_DFE6NW3SKNK0KNM45QAY

Contact Info

► Website: https://dsaechao.wordpress.com/

► Contact: kaotziochao@gmail.com

► Spotlight article: https://baongfamily.com/blogs/news/spotlight-author-david-saechao-from-redding-ca

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