BAONG Kingdom Art (Lazer-etched Print)


Take home a piece of historical treasure.

Emblazoned at the top in Ancient Chinese characters reads: Qianjiadong. 

It means "thousand household cave," and location to the 700 years old Lost Homeland of the Iu-Mien people. A cave and tunnel that leads to an open valley where 12 clans once lived together in unity.

Centered proudly is King Pan, the Father of the 12 Clans Mien Kingdom.

On the left, Chinese characters run vertical each representing the 6 Sons of the King: 

  • Saephan / Saephanh / Saepan / Bienh
  • Saelaw / Saelor / Lorch
  • Saelee / Lee / Leiz
  • Saechou / Zuaqv / Zouqv
  • Saeteurn / Saetern / Tern / Dangc
  • Saeyang / Yaangh

To the right, the 6 Daughters of the King written in Chinese: 

  • Saechao / Zeuz
  • Saelio / Lio
  • Saefong / Bungz
  • Saevang / Wang
  • Saechin / Chin
  • Saeseao / Siaau

His majesty, King Pan surrounded by green hills representing the valley and way into our Lost Homeland, Qianjiadong.

Twin tigers representing the strife and adversity within our community. Yet, our people have endured and continue to preserve despite centuries of hardship.

A single Mienh girl as a symbolic representation of the past and present. A reminder that we should cherish our roots, embrace our heritage, and celebrate all the things that make us Iu-Mien.

Lazer-etched in ultra-premium photo art material, for only the finest quality print.

This art poster has a partly glossy, partly matte finish and it'll add a touch of sophistication to any room.

Decorate your home with this unique piece of art that will garner praise and strike-up conversations with all your visiting guests.

• 10 mil (0.25 mm) thick
• Slightly glossy, PRINT-ONLY, No Canvas Frame
• Fingerprint resistant

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